About Us

Corcoran Sheet Metal is a family run company who opened its doors in 2006.  Kevin Corcoran, our President, has 28 years of experience in this field along with Mark Licnerski, our Vice President, who has 20 years.  Together they gathered a team of employees who all have experience in this field as well.  Our success depends on a team effort.  Each person in each job has a responsibility to our customers, to themselves, and to the people they work with to do the best job they can to assure the success of everyone.  Corcoran Sheet Metal maintains an attitude of team spirit and strives for the goal of quality in our work.

Our team consists of 12 employees

Kevin Corcoran (President) 
Mark Licnerski (Vice President)
Anna Corcoran
Patrick Corcoran
Dave Filipowski
Dave Bateman
Eric Galassi
Doug Franks
Gig Kohnen
Anthony Corcoran
Jeffrey Corcoran
Jonathon Corcoran